This Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 1 Report has been produced with the main end users in mind – developers, planning consultants and Local Planning Authority officers. The information below can be used to aid the reader in identifying where key information is held within this document, and what purpose the information within each section has with regards to flood risk, planning applications and developments.

Section & Content SummaryFlood Risk InformationApplicants
(Developers / Planners)
LPA Officers
An overview of the purpose and objectives of the SFRA. This section provides context for having a joint SFRA, with a summary of the current status of each Boroughs Local Plans.
2Planning and Policy Planning and Policy Framework
An overview of the relevant national, regional, and sub-regional policies relating to flood risk and associated requirements. An overview of each Boroughs key local policies is included.
3Sources and Assessment of Flood Risk
An overview of the flood risk from all sources across the study area, including climate change implications where this information is available. This section introduces the West London SFRA interactive map which depicts the various flood risks across the study area.
4Flood Risk Assessment Guidance
Common guidance for developers undertaking Flood Risk Assessments (FRA) for proposed development sites within any of the six boroughs. Borough-specific guidance is included where any key differences exist. This section explains the Sequential Test and Exception Test and defines the boroughs' method for the split of Flood Zone 3, including the Functional Floodplain.
5Policy Recommendations
A set of recommended site-specific and strategic policies. These recommendations are based on the findings of this SFRA, which the Boroughs are advised to incorporate into future versions of their Local Plans and/or associated guidance documents. An overview of the potential impact that future growth could have on flood risk across the study area is provided. Any opportunities for improved strategic flood risk management methods, including possible funding mechanisms, to assist with Boroughs growth delivery requirements are also highlighted.
6Review and Next Steps
A summary of the proposed update schedule for the SFRA (the technical content and the mapping). Recommendations for the need to conduct a Level 2 SFRA are also included based upon the findings of flood risk screening assessments of borough site allocations (included in Appendix A).
Appendix ASFRA Level 2 - Screening Summary
A spreadsheet that summarises the screening assessments of site allocations within each of the boroughs.
MappingWeb Maps
The five Interactive Web Maps which provides flood information on the different sources of flooding which affect the Boroughs:
  • Policy Web Map
  • Fluvial & Tidal Flood Risk Web Map
  • Surface Water Flood Risk Web Map
  • Sewer, Groundwater & Artificial Flood Risk Web Map
  • Flood Management Infrastructure Web Map
  • MappingFlood Risk Data Sources
    List of all data sources used in the web map, including data origin information and any key limitations.
    ChecklistsFlood Risk Assessment Submission Checklist
    Template which developers must refer to when submitting a Flood Risk Assessment.
    ChecklistsDrainage Strategy Submission Checklist
    Template which developers must refer to when submitting a Drainage Strategy.